Uber Visa Local Offers

Earn Free Uber Rides With Visa Local Offers

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It's no secret that Uber is a force to be reckoned with in the rideshare industry. While the company has faced backlash from traditional cab companies, riders just can't get enough of the streamlined app, friendly drivers, and effortless transport from Point A to Point B. Not to mention the playful banter that comes with friends comparing their Uber ratings. Between Uber's transportation and food delivery services, the company certainly deserves its own line item on my personal budget. If you can relate, then you don't want to miss this little life hack called Uber Visa Local Offers.

What is Uber Visa Local Offers?

Uber Visa Local Offers is a program that allows you to earn automatic Uber credit (5%-10% back on every dollar) when you shop at partner businesses with any Visa card. Every city's list of participating businesses is different and includes a broad selection of local restaurants, plus some national headliners like Dunkin Donuts, IHOP, and even Whole Foods, Walgreens, Williams Sonoma, and Staples in some areas.

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How does Uber Visa Local Offers work?

Visa Local Offers is a breeze to set up in the Uber app.

  • 1. Open your Uber app.
  • 2. Tap the Menu icon, and click on Settings.
  • 3. Under Rewards, click on Visa Local Offers, and Count Me In.
  • 4. Make sure you have a Visa card entered as one of your payment options.
  • 5. Use that same Visa card to shop at any participating business.
  • 6. After check-out, your Uber credit will automatically populate into your account, redeemable for Uber rides or UberEATS.

Pro tip: Some featured businesses cap the credit at $100 per transaction. For more details and frequently asked questions, Uber's help page has everything you need to know.

The Bottom Line

The Visa Local Offers program is an easy way to earn Uber ride credit. But it also allows you to "double dip" on your rewards. That means earning Uber credit AND credit card points. Let's say I spend $100 at a participating restaurant on my Chase Sapphire Reserve Visa card. Here is what my rewards look like:

  • First dip: Visa Local Offers 10% back = $10 in Uber credit
  • Second dip: 3x points on restaurants = 300 points, worth about $6

Not too shabby for a quick and simple sign-up!

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