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Introduction to ModMoney

A Note from Erica

It’s a beautiful day in Austin, Texas. After a 5:45am spin class, I have an hour of quiet time before I head into the office. With a large coffee in hand and endorphins kicking in, I’m sitting down to write my first ModMoney post. As a finance professional, I like to read fashion and lifestyle blogs as an escape from working behind spreadsheets and creating presentations. The nerdier side of me (let’s be honest, it makes up most of me) also enjoys reading about maximizing credit card points, managing money, long-term investing (have I lost you yet?), and other enthralling content (sarcastic, but not really).

Graduating from college and entering the real world was daunting. I’m a born-and-bred Texas girl who left the state (gasp!) to attend college in North Carolina. As if that wasn’t far enough away from home, I then signed a two-year contract to work on Wall Street in NYC. I’ll never forget crying myself to sleep my first night in the city because everything was expensive, different, and scary. Perhaps the most intimidating part for me was making my own salary and managing it properly. And let’s not even get into the student loans. My first day of work created even more questions. What is a Roth IRA, and do I need one? How much should I contribute, and how should I invest it? Which employee health plan should I choose? I just finished 18 years of school. WHY haven’t I learned this?

I decided to start ModMoney for a few reasons. First, I have made it my goal (my “side-hustle,” if you will) to research and learn the personal finance skills that I wish were a part of my school curriculum. ModMoney will explain some of these intimidating concepts in a fun, easy, digestible way for readers. Second, as I’ve graduated from the basics, I’ve found that I love trying out modern web-based tools that make our busy lives easier and more efficient. This can mean budgeting, shopping, organizing, saving, investing, vacationing, or more. While financial discipline is important, so is living well and enjoying the finer things (whatever that means to you!). In addition to making personal finance more approachable, I hope ModMoney can become a go-to source for life tools and money hacks that can help make those lifestyle dreams a little more attainable.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you enjoy the content!

- Erica

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