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One Money-Saving Secret You Need To Know

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It's been a long and toasty summer down here in Austin, which means plenty of time indoors for this girl. You know how it goes: gallons of iced mint tea, quarts of frozen yogurt, and hours of downtime to explore new money-saving apps for my readers. One of my discoveries is just too good not to share in its own post. It's a breeze to implement into your spending routine and will save you money on everyday purchases. At the risk of sounding dramatic, it has completely changed the way I shop and pay bills.

The Gift Card Trend

First off, let's discuss the gift card trend. I know I'm not the only one on the receiving end. As kids, we gleefully untied red bows and ripped open colorful packages on birthdays and holidays. But with each year, those boxes started to shrink into gift card-bearing envelopes. Not that I'm complaining. Chances are you have an aunt-and-uncle duo who buys you gift cards to places you candidly have no interest in. And it breaks your heart to waste their kind generosity! Well, now you don't have to.

Raise | Buy and Sell Gift Cards Online

Raise: Buy and Sell Gift Cards Online

Raise is a platform I have been addicted to this summer. It works as an online gift card marketplace that allows you to sell unwanted gift cards and buy discounted gift cards. So instead of letting that $75 Olive Garden certificate collect dust, you can sell it for $50-$70 in cash (or whatever price you decide to set). I should personally stay away from the bottomless breadsticks, so I'll take that trade all day.

On the flip side, you can purchase gift cards at a discount for thousands of stores and restaurants. You can get pretty creative here and buy gift cards for almost anything. Grocery store gift cards. Hulu gift cards. Target gift cards. Airline and Hotel gift cards. Lululemon gift cards. Whataburger gift cards. You get the idea, but here are some of my favorites:

Nordstrom Gift Card | Raise
Netflix Gift Card | Raise
Starbucks Gift Card | Raise
Sephora Gift Card | Raise
Hulu Gift Card | Raise
Southwest Gift Card | Raise
Lyft Gift Card | Raise
Pinkberry Gift Card | Raise
Lululemon Gift Card | Raise
Chevron Gift Card | Raise
American Airlines Gift Card | Raise
Kroger Gift Card | Raise

Before I make any purchases, (cell phone bills and Soulcycle bikes included), I check to see if Raise has any discounted gift cards available. Then, I check cash-back portals and discount code add-ins like Ebates, Wikibuy, and Honey (see my complete guide to online shopping for more). It sounds like quite a process, but it only takes a few minutes. And I promise, you'll become addicted to saving 3-30%.

Pro tip: Users are constantly posting new gift cards for sale, so check back if your store doesn't have any discounted cards available.

The Bottom Line

It's no secret that my iPhone screen is cluttered with apps that promise to save you money and make your life easier. As a personal finance blogger, my job is to test each one extensively (so that you don't have to) and curate a list of the best. Raise falls into that category. Whether you're treating yourself to a spa appointment, purchasing a hostess gift, or paying the bills, you can find discounted currency. And it works both ways because one person's trash is another's treasure. So dust off your old gift cards and sell them for cash you can use anywhere.

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