The Best Apps to Manage Your Money

The Best Personal Finance Apps To Save, Budget & Invest Your Money

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The idea of managing your own money can be a daunting one. I mean, it's the reason I started ModMoney in the first place. The whole point is to make personal finance approachable, accessible, and simply less scary.

Here's the good news. New technology platforms are making money management easier than ever. Nowadays, anyone can track, save, budget, and invest their money in a savvy way with a handful of online platforms. So consider this your launchpad for your personal finance goals—a limited, but excellently curated—list of my favorite apps to help you manage your money like a pro.

Using Personal Capital to Track Your Spending | ModMoney

1. Personal Capital

Personal Capital is one of those do-it-all free apps that I use for everyday money management. Think about all of your financial accounts: checking, savings, brokerage, retirement, mortgage, student loans, credit cards, etc. Personal Capital helps you keep track of it all. Put simply, this app is the reason I'm able to stay on top of my finances with so little effort.

Personal Capital aggregates all your accounts onto one dashboard, displaying your whole net worth in one place. It also helps you track your spending, plan a budget, monitor your investments, and even save for retirement. This app delivers a thorough snapshot of your personal finances like no other tool can.

Qapital | ModMoney

2. Qapital

Saving money while you’re young is a sure ways to build wealth. Here's why. When you put money into a savings or investment account, your dollars earn interest. As time passes, you build interest on your original balance AND on the interest you have accumulated. This is called compound interest and grows your balance exponentially. Let’s say you save $500 per month into an account earning 5% interest. In 20 years, your balance will be over $200,000. In 30 years, it’s over $400,000. Fast forward 50 years, and it’s $1.3 million! Compound interest literally turns time into money.

Here's the problem: it takes time and effort to save toward your goals. That's why I use Qapital, a free app that helps you save automatically. Qapital makes saving fun by allowing you to customize how you want to accomplish your savings goals. Maybe you want to round up your everyday purchases to the nearest dollar. Or transfer cash each time you get paid. You could also move cash into savings each time you hit the gym by connecting Qapital to your fitness apps. The options are endless! The app is super intuitive and will help you hit your savings goals before you know it.


3. Wealthfront

Investing as a beginner doesn't have to be intimidating, complex, or expensive, thanks to Wealthfront. Wealthfront is an online investment platform that makes long-term investing accessible and affordable. Especially for new and young investors! I use Wealthfront for all of my investing, and I couldn't be happier with it. (I even rolled my old 401(k) into a Wealthfront IRA.)

Wealthfront starts by getting to know your age, income level, and retirement goals. Then, it calculates the best risk-adjusted strategy for you and invests your money accordingly. It also monitors your portfolio and periodically rebalances it in the most tax-efficient way. All you have to do is sit back and relax, and let your money work for you.

Sign up here to get your first $5,000 managed free.

Ibotta | ModMoney

4. Ibotta

If you're anything like me, grocery expenses consume a meaningful chunk of your monthly budget. So welcome to Ibotta! This is the app I use to save money when I'm grocery shopping. And the best part? No coupon clipping necessary.

Here's how Ibotta works. Before you go shopping, pull up your grocery store of choice in the app. (They partner with nearly every store. Even Costco, Sam's and Target.) You'll see a collection of offers for cash back on specific items. As an example, these are the ones I saved this week:

  • Halo Top Ice Cream - $1.25 back on every pint
  • GoodPop popsicles - $0.50 back on every box
  • Eggs (any brand) - $0.25 back on every dozen
  • ONE Protein Bars - $0.50 back on every bar
  • Bananas (any brand) - $0.25 back on every bunch

Now that you've saved your offers, go shopping like normal in the store. Then, scan your receipt into the Ibotta app. Ibotta will match the items on your receipt to the offers you saved and automatically put cash in your account! Everyone goes grocery shopping, so why not get paid for it?

Sign up for Ibotta with this link to earn a $10 welcome bonus.

Dosh | ModMoney

5. Dosh

If you follow ModMoney, you know I'm obsessed with Ebates as a way to get paid to shop online. While Ebates is my ride-or-die, Dosh miiiight be my new favorite. Ebates lends itself to online shopping, but Dosh applies online, in-store, AND at restaurants. All you have to do is connect your credit card, then shop and dine at thousands of partner stores and restaurants. Dosh will automatically get you up to 10% cash back.

Swagbucks | ModMoney

6. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a site that gives you cash and gift cards for taking surveys, watching videos, shopping, and even searching the web. If you have some time to kill, why not make a few extra bucks doing something fun and easy? I like to spend time on Swagbucks while I'm watching mindless TV or need a mini break from work.

Sign up for Swagbucks with this link to earn a $5 welcome bonus.

Clarity Money | ModMoney

7. Clarity Money

Clarity Money is a newer app I've been loving (I even moved it to the first page of my iPhone home screen...that's how you know it's good!) Clarity uses machine learning and data science to analyze your finances and help you make better decisions with your money.

What I love about the Clarity app is that it is so multi-dimensional. It analyzes your income and spending levels and graphically depicts them against one another in a helpful, intuitive way. The app shows you exactly how much you're overspending or saving. It also includes a budget planner, credit score tracker, and can cancel any recurring subscriptions that are sabotaging your finances. Clarity calls itself the "champion of your money," and that's exactly what it has been for me.

What apps do you use to manage your money? Drop me a comment below!

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