Wedding on a Budget | ModMoney

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As I count down the final weeks until my own wedding, a million little details keep me up at night. Florals, linens, blush tones, and cake flavors consume my mindshare. (It could be worse, right?) Many of us grow up envisioning a lavish and dreamy wedding for ourselves. But our budgets don’t always align to our childhood visions. Either way, I’m a firm believer that you can still plan the wedding of your dreams with limited resources. I’ve taken lots of mental notes on the tips I learned to fit my wedding to my...

Uber Visa Local Offers | ModMoney

It's no secret that Uber is a force to be reckoned with in the rideshare industry. While the company has faced backlash from traditional cab companies, riders just can't get enough of the streamlined app, friendly drivers, and effortless transport from Point A to Point B. Not to mention the playful banter that comes with friends comparing their Uber ratings. Between Uber's transportation and food delivery services, the company certainly deserves its own line item on my personal budget. If you can relate, then you don't want to miss this little life hack called Visa Local Offers.

January 2018 Update: The Whole Foods Cash Back Percentage dropped to 5% from 10%.

Money-Saving Secrets  | ModMoney

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It's been a long and toasty summer down here in Austin, which means plenty of time indoors for this girl. You know how it goes: gallons of iced mint tea, quarts of frozen yogurt, and hours of downtime to explore new money-saving apps for my readers. One of my discoveries is just too good not to share in its own post. It's a breeze to implement into your spending routine and will save you money on everyday purchases. At the risk of sounding dramatic, it has completely changed the way I shop and pay bills.

Real-World Money Tips for New College Grads

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School's out for the summer! Instagram is overflowing with caps, gowns, diplomas, and celebrations as adrenaline flows through this year's college grads. It's an exciting time for rising young professionals, but many will face a reality check. Sure, graduating comes with a level of freedom and opportunity. But it also introduces the responsibility of navigating an adult world that looks a whole lot different. As you manage your money independently (perhaps for the first time), it's important to have a guide that will keep you grounded. These real world money tips will set you up to reach those...

Money 101 by Erica Holland of ModMoney - Camille Styles

Summer is finally upon us here in Austin. It's sunny, 90 degrees, and just muggy enough to be slightly uncomfortable. No matter where you are, I hope you're shaking off the lingering chill and embracing the heat. As we welcome a new season, I'm excited to share a few pieces I've written for the Money 101 column on

Camille Styles is an Austin-based lifestyle site that brings a fresh approach to health, fitness, fashion, beauty, and professional goals. At its core, Camille's brand inspires healthy choices and happy lives. Financial wellness is an important part of a healthy...

5 Simple Steps to Create a Personal Budget | ModMoney

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Creating a budget is one of those items that always falls to the bottom of our to-do list. Perhaps because the mere term "budget" elicits a bitter sense of restriction. The problem is that we’re going about this all wrong. The right kind of budget should empower us rather than confine us. It should equip us to achieve our long-term goals rather than deprive us of enjoying the present. We should be allowed to spend money on things that make us happy, without guilt. These 5 steps will help you build a budget that does just that.


Top self-help books for personal development

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Among other resolutions, I promised to read more in 2017. And I don't mean the mystery novels I devour before bed each night. I promised to read nonfiction that would further my personal development—self-help books, if you will. Well, this may be the one New Year's resolution I haven't steered off track.

It's difficult to make time for continuous learning and self-improvement. Sure, we learn "on the job." But the most effective learning happens when it's self-motivated and self-guided. At the risk of sounding cliché, reading self-improvement books has changed my life. It has changed the...

Clean up your money habits to achieve your financial goals

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Last summer, I painstakingly decorated our new home. All the way down to the Q-tip canister in the guest bathroom—let’s just say I was a little neurotic about it. Well, that went out the window when one book made me rethink my entire living space. Y’all, the first chapter will have you schlepping bags of once-cherished belongings to the nearest Goodwill. There’s nothing like a deep clean to shake off the winter blues, but why stop at...

HSA vs. FSA for qualified medical expenses

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There’s nothing more deflating than sifting through confusing health insurance jargon on your first day of work. Doubly discouraging is the fact that this is actually important stuff! We know basic healthcare coverage is a must. But proactively saving for future medical expenses is also important. To make this topic manageable, let’s break down the two tax-advantaged ways we can save for qualified medical expenses. Here’s what you need to know about a Health Savings Account (HSA) and a Flexible Spending Account (FSA).

How To Pay Down Debt Once And For All | ModMoney

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Living with high-interest rate debt is overwhelming. You feel exposed. You feel burdened. You feel like you’re crumbling under a weight that just keeps growing. Whether you took on student loans to get through school or swiped your credit card a few too many times, you can work through it. By shifting your mindset and breaking down action items, you can start tackling your debt today. Let’s get started!

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